Regulation Transitalia Marathon 2021



Motoclub Strade Bianche in Moto A.S.D., based in Monte Colombo (RN) Via Roma. 1378, with President Roberto Izzo, tel. 3480615440 – –, in collaboration with MINOA GROUP sas Mirco Urbinati and c., with office in Via Ariete no. 18, 47923 Rimini, tel. 3406996903,,, organizes the seventh edition of TRANSITALIA MARATHON from 20 to 25 September 2021.


The event has an international nature and it is not a motorcycle race nor a competition. It has a solely historical and cultural purpose and it aims at offering the chance to introduce the Italian history, culture, traditions and art. The route is divided into foursections for a total of more than 1,000 Km. The event will take place within the regular traffic on public roads. Motorcycle relays and cars of the Organization and, where required, local forces will help and guide. Nevertheless, all participants shall strictly respect the existing Traffic Code. The tracks will be extracted from the Italian official maps; however, the mileage established by the Organization might change due to unforeseen reasons or forced detours.

It’s NOT a race!!


1)The bikes allowed to join the Transitalia Marathon will be solely those of the categories listed below:

  • Cat. A1 GLORIOUS: individual class motorcycle manufactured before 31/12/1992, equipped with Road book navigation and GPS track support;
  • Cat. A2 MAXIENDURO AND/OR MODERN RALLY MOTORCYCLES: individual class maxienduro and modern rally motorcycles with modern navigation Road book / GPS track; specialist enduro bikes are not admitted;
  • Cat. S1 TEAMS: minimum three-riders-teams category, GPS navigation formula – maxienduro and modern rally bikes; specialist enduro bikes are not admitted.

2)Other motorcycles but the Organization’s relays are not permitted. Motorcycles of every category shall comply with the existing Traffic Code. During the preliminary checks in Rimini, the competitor whose motorcycle will turn out to be different from the registered one and/or not comply with the existing Traffic Code will not be allowed to take part in the event and nor will have his/her money refunded. Change of motorcycle: any change of motorcycle due to technical reasons shall be reported to the Organization at least 30 days before to the start.

3)Quads, specialist enduro bikes or motorcycles with sidecars are not allowed.

4)Mousse and test plates are prohibited


People from every part of the world holding a regular driving license, which enables them to drive motorcycle in the current year, and a medical certificate of good health are admitted to the event. Every participant shall also have subscribed to the sponsoring organization, that is FMI (Federazione Motociclistica Italiana). Passengers are not allowed!


For the purpose of making the race as safe as possible every participant shall wear technical clothing including boots, protections and helmet. 

Art. 6- MEETING AND PRELIMINARY OPERATIONS Preliminary document verification operations will begin on Monday 20 September 2021 in Piazzale Fellini, Rimini. The checks of the motorcycles, as well as the delivery of the documentation and briefings on the first stage, will take place during the day of Monday 20 and Tuesday 21 September 2021 at Piazzale Fellini, Rimini starting from 10 am of each day.

The presence at the briefings of each end of the stage is mandatory


1) The departure from each stage will take place at 8:00 on every morning in signed place.

Those who will not be present at the preliminary operations and briefings of the previous days will not be able to start the event.

The starting order will be 3 drivers every minute. Regardless of the starting order, they must all be present at 8:00 am. The Organization reserves the right to decide the advance or delay of departures for organizational reasons.

2) Participants are required to behave in an orderly and polite manner towards the organization, other participants and the host location; participants must arrive in an orderly line in front of the starting table in groups of up to three, collect the road tab and wait for the departure attendant for the start.


In some points of the route, passage controls will be set up in order to verify the passage of all vehicles so as not to leave anyone behind. The length of the stages and the departure times allow participants to travel in comfort while maintaining an average recommended speed of around 35 km / h and in any case in compliance with the highway code.

Art. 8 bis – VILLAGE

The villages at the end of each stage will be open and active from 14:00 to 18:30.

In case of arrival at the village after the closing time, the participant is obliged – under penalty of exclusion from the event – to notify the organization by telephone at the emergency number or numbers in his possession of the organization providing the reasons for the delay.

The road tab will be delivered to the organization at the meeting point for dinner.


The competitors may incur in the following penalties: – Breach of Traffic Rules (disqualification from the event) – Violation of Transitalia Marathon Regulation (disqualification from the event) – non-compliant clothes (disqualification from the event) – No checkpoint compliance (disqualification from the event) – not attending the evening briefing, except for exceptional cases promptly communicated and for serious reasons (no start for the following race and direct route to the final asphalt stage).


The delivery of the road book will take place during the preliminary operations at the desk on 20 and 21 September 2021 while the delivery of the GPS track will take place three days before departure by email. Participants must show up on arrival with the track already loaded on their GPS system where the highlights of the route of the next stage will be highlighted by the Organization.

It is strictly forbidden to disclose the track to non-participants in the event. Any infringement will be punished within the terms of the law.



Unguarded areas for non-compulsory short stays will be available at the starting and arriving points. These areas will be bounded by barriers or flagged by the staff on site.The organization does not take any responsibility for thefts or damages of any kind in such areas.


During the event, an assistance service will provide technical and mechanical help, which does not require a big effort. Participants shall cover costs personally for complex repairs, material and spares. In case the motorcycle is not able to be driven anymore, the organization will provide to take it to the next paved road so that a normal pickup can collect the vehicle (special FMI fees for pickup service is provided).


The staff will provide two vans for luggage transport. Luggage will be loaded in the morning before the start and collected by participants at the end of each stage, at the Village. Each luggage shall be recognizable by tag showing name, surname and departure number. The organization does not take any responsibility for damages of stiff bags, which, therefore, are not recommended. There is not luggage transport at the end of the event to return in Rimini.


The entry fee for each participant is:

– € 700.00 with Roadbook for each participant for each category

– € 650,00 without Roadbook for each participant for each category

The fee includes: road book, GPS tracking, route maps, assistance during the journey, luggage transport, FMI events insurance, firstaid, access to the Village, ID bracelet, access to end-stage evening dinners, souvenir gadgets. 

Not included: mandatory FMI membership, overnight stays, fuel, meals, vehicles pickups with emergency vehicles other than those of the organization.

Evening dinners: The participant will be able to purchase additional ‘meals’ for each assistance person who will follow him along the way. The cost of each additional ‘Meal’ is € 30.00 (the participant in the registration fee has already included the 5 ‘Meals’). Additional meals can be purchased no later than Tuesday 21/9/2021 at the village of Rimini. The person who buys the meals will receive the tag of the event and will have access to the ‘dinner area’ inside the villages at the end of the stage. Who will not be provided with the tag of the event will NOT participate in the dinner even if communicated on the spot (the organizational dynamics do not allow it).

3)The organization will provide GPS information for any assisting third parties to enjoy the beauty of Italy.

The drivers of the assistance vehicles have no registration fee but will have to buy meals if they want to attend the evening dinners. ASSISTANCE WILL NOT FOLLOW THE PARTICIPANTS DURING THE EVENT ON THE OFFICIAL TRACK, under penalty of exclusion from the same of the person / team they assist.

The fee shall be paid with a deposit for operative costs (not refundable) of € 200,00 at the time of registration and the balance of € 400.00 with Roadbook (or 450,00 without roadbook) no later than June 10, 2010. Inscriptions without payment within a week from the registration opening will not be considered and will be taken over by subscribers on the waiting list.


The organization reserves the right, at its unquestionable discretion, to refuse registration to participants who are not deemed suitable / compatible to participate in the event.


Neither Motoclub Strade Bianche nor Minoa Group are Tour Operators. Consequently, the fee will not include any overnight stays in Rimini and at the end of the stages.


In case of cancellation, participants will be refunded 50% of the fully paid registration fee, ONLY if communicated by registered mail before September 1, 2021, to the following address: Motoclub Strade Bianche in Moto ASD Via Roma no. 1378, Monte Colombo (RN) or by PEC to: Cancellations made after this date will not be refunded. Refunds will be made within 30 days from the end of the event. Nothing will be returned in case of payment of the only operative costs of € 200,00. In case of cancellation of the event due to force majeure, the participation fee will not be refunded.

Art. 15 -IMAGE RIGHTS By registering, each participant IMPLICITLY AUTHORIZES Motoclub Strade Bianche in Moto, the organizer of the event “TRANSITALIA MARATHON”, its members and official reporters and photographers to the use of any images or pictures taken during this event. MC Strade Bianche in Motion may use and disclose such images for the creation of video/DVD, and for the realization of reports and newspaper articles. For this purpose, experts will be allowed to take photos and videos.


All cases not provided for in this regulation and/or related to the participation in TRANSITALIA MARATHON will be unquestionably resolved by the Commission Event Resolution (CDE) which will decide on any and every complaint and dispute that may arise in the field of interpretation and application of this Regulation. The Organization reserves the right to communicate via email or circulars any changes deemed necessary to be included in this regulation, of which they shall be considered an integral part.


By registering, all participant simplicity confirm to be aware of the Regulation of the event in all its parts and commit to comply with it. The Commission Event Resolution (CDE) shall decide on every case of dispute on the interpretation of the Regulation. By registering, all participants hold the Organizing Committee, the Authorities all without any exclusion harmless from any and all liability for damages or inconveniences that may arise to them, to third parties, to things of third parties due to the event and their participation in the same, including also the trip to Rimini and/or from any other location along the route. With the participation, they waive to any recourse to the authority.